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The Atlantic Guard Soldiers Aid Society (AGSAS) is pleased to announce an awards program. There are 2 awards to be presented yearly.

The first award is the Grace Brooks Award. It is to be given in memory of a young re-enactor who was killed in a sledding accident while in college. The award is in the amount of $100 to enable one to attend a conference or workshop to increase their knowledge of the time period and thereby improve their impression.

The second award is the Kathryn Coombs award to be given in memory of a much respected and beloved member and past president of AGSAS. She was a great mentor who was devoted to research and attention to historic detail and was willing to share her knowledge with others. This award is in the amount of $100 to assist one to attend a conference or workshop to improve their impression.

The criteria for being considered for either of these awards are:
1. A re-enactor between the ages of 18-27 for the Grace Brooks award and over the age of 27 for the Kathryn Coombs award
2. A civilian re-enactor or a military re-enactor with a civilian impression
3. A re-enactor who aspires to achieve a more authentic civilian impression

Re-enactors who wish to be considered for either of these awards, should write a brief essay telling about themselves, what conference or workshop they wish to attend, what they wish to achieve in the hobby and submit it with a photograph of themselves in period civilian attire, to the chair of the Awards Committee by May 1st.

The essays will be read by the committee members and 2 people will be chosen. The awards will be issued by June 1st.

The chair of the committee for 2014 is Faith Hintzen ( Please contact Faith with your questions and submissions.  Thank you.

Jessica Craig
Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society
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