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Author Topic: Petti-chemi help, please  (Read 1370 times)
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« on: July 24, 2013, 10:06:44 AM »

I'm working on a petti-chemise for my 2 yo toddler daughter, and would like some advice.

Here's pictures:

I used the chemise from Girls' Linens as well as the petticoat and just attached them.  Obviously the chemise/bodice is too long, so I'll lift the waistband probably about 2 inches.  I've read that I can "hide" a few inches for growth in the waistband, but I'm not sure how that's done.  Do I do two waistbands -- inner and outer -- and sandwich material between them?  Just have an outer waistband and leave the extra material raw on the inside?  Something else?

I made the neckband to sit on the shoulder points, but it doesn't.  The front and back of the neckline droop or are pulled down, not sure why.  I didn't use a bias strip for the neckband, just a straight torn strip, and it just doesn't sit nicely. 

I did petal sleeves but I'm not sure I love the look.  It looks different than I had expected it to. 

The neckband is 22 inches and there is no other opening in the chemise, but it's a bit hard to pull over her head.  Should I make the neckband bigger, or add a slit, or Huh
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Try a longer neckline band (so it sits further out), and cut it a bit more narrow. or use a bias band for the neckline binding.

The extra bodice length can be stashed between the inner and outer waistbands.

She's a cutie! Good job!

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