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Author Topic: Toddler chemipetti (using SA Girls' Linens)  (Read 1194 times)
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« on: July 09, 2013, 05:44:55 PM »

I'm trying to make the Girls' Linens chemise and make it into a chemipetti, and am running into problems.

Dd is 2 years old and has a 22 inch waist (toddler belly).  Chest is 20", hips are 24" because of the diaper.

Per the instructions, I cut 2 panels 24" wide, but ending at the waist because I"m going to attach it to a petticoat.

This thing is absolutely HUGE.  Even if I went down to 22" panels for her waist, it will still be absolutely huge.  In order for it to fit the waistband, I'd need to gather it a lot or make really deep darts.  The neckline is unsewn right now, but the way it's cut I'm going to have a *lot* of material to gather to make the neckline fit.

Am I doing something wrong, or are the kids supposed to be swimming in material?  It doesn't seem like I should have a lot of material bunched up under the dress for the chemise bodice.

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Chemises are designed to hang pretty loose, so if you want to skim down the measurements for a petti-chemise bodice, *DO*... you can leave about 6" of ease around the middle, just by repositioning and making the whole front bodice about 15" wide total, and the backs about 8" each (which allows for ease and a placket down the back.) Cut the waistband 24" to 25" long (enough for a bit of wearing ease and overlaps at the closure), and gather the chemise body to the band, and skirt (make that full--45" to 60" wide) to the band.

The ease lets you re-distribute later, and keeps things comfy; you can skim it down even further if you choose, too. Some are very nearly fitted!

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