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Author Topic: Men's Tutorial Threads  (Read 17123 times)
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« on: April 10, 2010, 11:00:43 AM »

Jim Ruley's excellent sewing tutorials, of which I am aware of: and

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Tailor at work

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Ladies, thanks for the compliment.  I've gone through the coat, trousers and vest section and tried to find the threads I initiated with mostly tutorial content.  

As a disclaimer, these do not necessarily represent the right way, the best way, and certainly not the only way to do something.  They are just the method I was using at the time.  In some cases they are overdue for an update.  However, for what they're worth here is the list:


1830's tailcoat pattern evaluation and construction:

Tailcoat construction tutorial:

Vest pocket tutorial:

Plaid vest and trousers:

Inverness cape construction:

Sewing on buttons with thread shanks:

Federal staff officer's trousers:

Federal enlisted frock coat:

Simple way to line a frock coat skirt:

Federal enlisted sack coat construction:

Caped overcoat:

Federal infantry officer's trousers:

CS Officer's frock:

Broadfall trousers:

Unlined Federal sack coat:

Federal officer's frock coat:

Drafting patterns with DeVere's system:

Formal vest construction:

Federal officer's sack coat:

Details of an original black satin vest:

Drafting one-piece coat sleeves:

Another vest pocket tutorial:

Breast pocket in coat lining:

Difference between modern and period coat shoulders:

Ironwork for coats:

And don't forget this one Smiley...

DeVere on a Disk:


Jim R.

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« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2010, 11:58:44 AM »

FABULOUS!!!! Thank you for pinning these!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grin Grin Grin
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« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2012, 09:23:10 AM »

Mr. Ruley pinned:
Sewing on buttons with thread shanks:


Here's a companion piece to sewing on fabric covered buttons,

Making Fabric Covered Buttons:


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