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Author Topic: Toddler Twins at New Market  (Read 575 times)
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Here are my latest creations finished just in time for the New Market, VA event.  I made myself a new dress (reddish stripe) and a new dress for the kids.  I am very happy with how they turned out (thank you Elizabeth for such great patterns!).  Parker's dress turned out too big, so last minute, I took it off the waistband, hiked it up to shorten the bodice and then it looked much better.  I realized later that I should have added an extra tuck because it was a bit too long, but oh well, it worked for the day.  I made Parker's bodice pleated (seemed more boy-like) and Abby's gathered with ruffled sleeves. I did draw strings at the neckline and waitband for adjustment purposes. I hope these will work for them all season and Parker's dress may fit Abby next year (I think I'll put him in tunic/trousers next year).

I also realized last minute that pinafores were a neccessity and thankfully someone had lent me some hand-me-down kids clothing and there were two pinafores in the bunch.  I want to make the more "smock-like" pinafores for them in the future, but these worked in a pinch.  Unfortunately, all my best photos of the kids have pinafores covering their new dresses, but here are a few that show them.

One of many picnic meals throughout the weekend:

Twins "helping" to make bread:

Abby watching the battle in her new dress:

Family portrait on their 2nd birthday (with coats that came out too big, but worked for a cool morning):

If you haven't checked out Heide Presse's photos from New Market (I think she posted links on the New Market thread under events), you are missing out on some fabulous photos!  Here are some of my favorites that she took of me and my kids:

Looking at catepillars - yes, Abby's petticoat is way too long and Parker's dress is too small - those are hand-me-down dresses that I had to make work for Sunday (photo by Heide Presse):

Me and Parker (in our new dresses!) (photo by Heide Presse):

Parker finding candy in my apron pocket (photo by Heide Presse):

Enjoy and thanks for looking!!

Jess Craig


Jessica Craig
Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society
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