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Author Topic: Ready-Made Clothing  (Read 926 times)
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« on: July 05, 2012, 02:37:20 PM »

I'm putting together a Lady's Newbie Reenacting Guide and would like to include reputable merchants of ready-made clothing since not everyone likes to sew.  However, it's really not discussed all that much on here since most (though I know, certainly not all!) of us sew our own stuff.

Looking through the more mainstream merchants I was pretty surprised (though, I really don't know why I should be!) at how many of the underthings were poly/cotton blends!!

I, of course, know about Kay and her wonderful corsets (as well as her other lovely items that she sells).

Who else can we add to the list? Etsy shops are good, too!
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 A resource that you are compiling would be of an invaluable asset to those of us that have the passion, but not one idea about how to go about it!  I eagerly look forward to seeing what you come up with!!  Thank you in advance!! 
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Our underslothing at are 100% high count cotton, our outer clothing is almost always natural fibers - if not, on the details page for an item you will find honest descriptions.

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I am looking for info on vendors of  good quality ready made clothing for women, but also men and children.  Some of the sites I have looked at before are no longer in business or most items say "out of stock".  Any suggestions?  Thanks! trish B.
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