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Author Topic: What Fits In 19th Century Life?  (Read 6957 times)
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So that we no longer have to justify discussing manners as "Verbal Outerwear", and other similar stretches, we're opening up a new section for the forum.

Deciding the precise details of wardrobe depends largely on Who You Are.  And to understand Who You Are in the past, we need some greater historic context.

Some possible topics up for discussion in this section:

Society:Political systems, social reform movements, religion, and anything to do with US society in part or in whole.

Home & Economics:
Domestic arrangements, real estate & homesteading, farming, urban dwelling, labor & employment, and anything to do with home or family arrangements.  Discussion of Foods & Beverages is welcome on the Taste of the Past board.

Science & Technology:
Scientific & technological advancement and exploration, theories, & practices.

Entertainments, Low & High:
Literature, dime novels, fine music and dance-hall tunes—discuss the entertaining side of life in the 19th century.

Material Culture:
Finding equivalents, substitutions, and the like for historic material culture items needed in living history.

In general, if it relates to the 19th century between the years of 1840-1865, it's up for discussion here.  The same board rules of politeness reign.  Some of these topics have the potential to become heated: everyone is expected to share documented information as much as possible, and keep modern thought, politics, ego, etc, firmly out.

I'll be moving quite a few of our "justified" discussions this direction. Smiley
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