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Author Topic: Mid 19th Century Civilian Male Expo: August 5-6, 2017, Vienna, Virginia  (Read 643 times)
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Announcing...The Mid 19th Century Civilian Male Expo
August 5-6, 2017
Vienna, Virginia

Often we have heard...
...I'm looking to add a civilian portrayal. Where do I start?
...I want to get my husband involved. Where do I start?
...I wish I could find a really good merchant for menswear.
...I'd love to view originals, but I'm too far from collections.
...I'd like to chat up other men who portray civilians. I'm the only one in my group.

The Civilian Male Expo is meant to bring together the resources to address these concerns.
In the Merchant Showplace you'll meet the best purveyors of clothing, accessories, goods, and services for portraying a civilian male. Whether you're looking for a bespoke frock coat or a ready-made wallet, a reproduction plate or tin coffee pot, sewing patterns or fabrics and scissors; you'll find it here.
Care has been taken to choose merchants experienced and knowledgeable in guiding men  through the civilian wardrobe process and tweaking that advice for women guiding men in the wardrobe process.
The Originals Showplace will feature collections of mid 19th century menswear, tools and household items, and ephemera. The owners will be there to highlight their items and share their passion for antiques.
The Opportunities Showplace is a chance to see what other groups are doing, how historic sites are featuring interpreters like you, get the scoop on exciting civilian-focused events, and maybe enjoy some period music.
The Tableaux Vivant and Product Showcase will showcase products for portraying civilian males in an entertaining way. Think those photos are all stodgy and humorless? Not so. We'll give a suggestion of the men behind the photographs, real men like you. Then we'll tell you who to patronize for the looks you'll see, merchants in the Merchant Showplace. So sit back, relax, and let us entertain you. Round out your evening with a cider, cheese, and great conversation.

Currently, we've opened registration to Exhibitors and Models.
Read the parameters here and submit the contact inquiry.
We'll be opening the tickets to attendees very soon. Stay tuned.

Here's the group on FaceBook for coordinating to share a car ride or hotel room, networking with fellow participants, and asking questions others might have too.

I would like to direct your attention to two sections of the FAQ:

May women attend?

Of course! This is fun for the whole family!
Perhaps your gent wants your opinion on his choices.
Perhaps you're a civilian coordinator who'd like ideas to get your men involved or ease the transition to civilian interpretation.
Perhaps your whole family is coming.
Perhaps your young man can't be trusted with his own purse yet.
Many of the items in the Merchant Showplace are equally useful to men and women, boys and girls.
Everyone is welcome!

I only have military. Can I still dress period?
Sure. Realize we'll be hard-selling you on civilian opportunities though. The Civilian Male Expo is focused on civilian men and boys.
​Please leave your weapons at home. NO live ammo nor black powder upon your person.
Hobnails and metal shoe plates are not permitted on the specialty floors.

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