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Author Topic: Horizontal Stripe, age 14  (Read 5679 times)
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Miss Emma
« on: August 13, 2016, 07:44:46 AM »

My sister needs a dress for a first-person presentation we'll be doing in about a month. We found the perfect blue and white cotton stripe about 3/8" wide, and I'm planning to make her a work dress from it. I'll probably aim for mid 1860s, with most of the fullness concentrated toward the back.
I want to put cap sleeves on it, with a detachable coat sleeve, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that. Would it be practical to finish them separately and baste them in at the shoulder seam? She also wants ribbon trim on the bodice as a faux yoke, on the sleeves, and on the skirt. I'm getting the impression that it would be inaccurate on a cotton skirt, but would it look silly on the horizontally striped sleeves and bodice, too?
I'm thinking of using a bias-cut self trim, but I'm not certain I'll have enough fabric for that. Would a growth pleat work as a simple, functional decoration on the skirt instead, or is that just going to look awkward with the stripe?
If I can use ribbon, what sort should I be looking for? Grosgrain, satin, etc.

These pictures are my main inspiration for trim, but since neither is striped, they only help so much.
Scribblor Infinitus
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Both of the inspiration dresses strike me as wool with velvet trim... and you're right, that won't work on a cotton print dress very well. Usually, IF a cotton print dress has trim, it's in something that can be similarly cared for. Cotton also usually requires pressing, and velvet is not an easy one to manage for that. Silk satin will be ruined by laundering, and rayon grosgrain undergoes heat-induced colors shifts during pressing, and well as odd sun-fading.

I think perhaps this striped dress needs different inspiration, because what she's wanting is not going to be functional on a cotton stripe. I'm also trying to think of any examples of horizontal narrow stripes for mid-century children's things... I'll have to keep thinking, as none are coming to mind just now

Part of the visual pop of horizontal banded trim is the contrast from the other dress elements. If the dress is horizontally-oriented, the trim won't pop.

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