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Author Topic: 100% cotton shirting?  (Read 1575 times)
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Miss Amy G
« on: July 31, 2016, 08:49:46 AM »

Hi! This is my first time posting on here, so please let me know if I am going about this in the wrong way... this seemed the best board to pose my question.  I am making a Regency day dress for the JASNA convention this fall and I'm interested in getting some lightweight cotton since that seems the most inexpensive material (and I'm on a budget!).  (I've made some Regency dresses before, but sadly not from the most period-correct fabrics... cotton muslin from JoAnn Fabrics has been my go-to in the past.)

My question is twofold-- a) is it historically appropriate to make a day dress out of 100% cotton, and b) is 100% cotton "shirting" something you could make a dress from? I'm not exactly sure what shirting is (forgive my ignorance, still relatively new to this!) and I don't want to buy fabric online that will turn out to have a modern-looking sheen to it.  Can anyone offer any advice?  Thanks!
Scribblor Infinitus
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Hi Amy--Regency is actually really far before this board's window; we keep to roughly 1840-1865, with a very few forays into the 1830s.

If anyone has Regency-era notes to share, please PM Amy directly. Cheesy

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