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Author Topic: A Working Class Man  (Read 610 times)
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Pvt. Kaiser
« on: February 29, 2012, 10:05:30 AM »

Yes, but it would look much nicer if you pressed the seam between the upper and lower crown.  You should still be able to do this if you turn the cap inside out, though you might have to temporarily remove the lining.

Nice looking stamps on the lining!

Thanks !
I will try to press the seam.

Here is a Picture of the Complete "working Class Man "

I Am wearing a linen shirt, and a Cotton Overshirt as substitut vor a Vest.
A Civilian belt as substitute for Braces , like I've seen on some Historic pics.
The Belt is a little bit to long, so I fold it back.
A cravat, I think will complete this in the Future.
Is polished Cotton a good choose, or a "forbidden" thing ?

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