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Author Topic: Elegant Young Lady's Ensemble  (Read 855 times)
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I made a swiss body/waist with a wool skirt and a white waist under it for my sister Anna to wear to a reenactment this Sunday.  It's not a high fashion event, but this is the first type of Civil War era outfit she's been interested in.  She is 15.  We've had great fun with it.

No hat or bonnet, I'm afraid.  The most proper looking headgear I've made so far is a hat, and she wouldn't wear it. Cheesy  And absolutely no center part, either. 

Anyhow, here it is!
This one is not a good picture of her, but the most closeup of the entire outfit for the time being.  I only have pictures from the day we spent at Wolcott Mills, but I'll be taking more closeups in a little while.

I did the waist on a waistband with a half-high lining.  The lining is pinned closed and I put hooks and eyes on the over-part.  And of course I was sewing them on the morning of, so there weren't enough right at the neckline, so it gapped all day and drove me crazy. Cheesy
I think these are called double box pleats.  The skirt is wool, silk and cotton blend, and was great to work with.
It has a very slight train, and I gauged the back section.  The swiss body is all one piece, which I think, is not quite period.  The next one that I make I'm going to piece.  I think it will fit better without wrinkling.  I also didn't pipe it....I sort of made it on the spur of the moment out of leftovers and didn't research beyond some memory of how it's supposed to be...
I laced the waist across, and I'm not sure if that's why it kept skewing to the side, or not. 

So far, this is my favorite outfit to have made.

Gen. 3:21
The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.
Thus began fashion.
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