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Author Topic: Dressing a Civil War Girl, All The Layers!  (Read 810 times)
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« on: April 09, 2010, 03:04:35 PM »

Finally got my little sis's stuff done enough to post! I hope it's ok to bring this thread up again. Huh

Anyway, here goes:

^ chemise with Elizabeth's pattern

^ Elizabeth's tucked drawers pattern, with side plackets

^back of the corded stays (they still need straps)

^corded stays with petticoat buttoned on them

^tucked, starched petti

^the dress (ignore the little hoop under it, that was just for play!) I found the fabric at Goodwill and used the chemise pattern; it's a gorgeous little radish print cotton, somewhat similar to this dress:

^ striped pinafore (fabric was a cotton sheet from Goodwill)

^slatted sunbonnet

Thank you for letting me share!
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