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Okay, so this will be my first brag.  I just attended my event ever (Pioneer Farms) and I loved it.  I cannot wait to do more!  I learned several things this weekend, mostly that I really need to invest in some nice cotton dresses-I only brought my silk and wool for a 85+ degree event.  So, I am currently finishing my new nice cotton dress.

This is my wool asymmetrical bodice gown.  This is my absolute favorite gown that I currently own.  I do not currently have photos of this gown, so I borrowed the ones Annette Bethke posted on Facebook.  I made the dress out of the leftover fabric from the paletot that still is not finished.

This is my silk dress.  I bought the fabric at the silk taffeta sale last year.  Unfortunately, it came in slightly slubby in places.  I tried to cut around the worst of the slubs, but they are still there.  Thankfully, they are rather small and unnoticable unless one gets really close.

I'm very excited to continue with living history and to continue with the sewing.  I very much enjoyed myself at Pioneer Farms; I met so many wonderful people, and I think it was a wonderful event to get myself started.

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