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Author Topic: Some Lovely Teen Styles  (Read 1386 times)
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« on: August 30, 2012, 12:11:30 PM »

Okay so this was the first 1860's dress I ever had...I didn't sew it the first time around. The only reason I'm posting that horrifying picture is so you can see that things can be (sort of) sucessfully remade. Wink lol Just don't poke to much fun cause I'm already ashamed enough if it. Cheesy

Anyhow this is what to front looks like now:

And the back (ignore the belt, not mine, doesn't fit especailly after a day like that one lol):

I love it now! I feel like its so much better then how it started out... Wink
Made this one for a client awhile back...It was her first dress...

And Michelle and I made matching sheers that we wear quite often:

And this...just because I kinda love it. Ironically Michelle and I made all the dresses, but the one I'm wearing...

Sorry about the flodd of photos guess I just haven't been around for awhile. Cheesy

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