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Title: I bought a doll...
Post by: Ginger Lane on September 01, 2016, 10:17:13 AM (


If I did my research right, it's a reproduction "flat top" style, and appropriate for CW years.

According to this page (, it looks the most like the lower left doll in this graphic for 1860-1870's: flat top, high brow, or Civil War heads.


This ebay article  ( helpful, too. (The graphic was missing, but I found it on Pinterest, oddly. I like that it labels that same doll specifically as "flat top.")

This ( is another original. Looks very similar.

If anyone wants some eye candy, this Pinterest board is amazing. Most seem to be past ebay auctions. There are some gorgeous old dolls in their original clothing.

I have two nieces.  One is over 3, the other just turned 1. (The family goes to reenactments occasionally.)  The 3yo hadn't much been into dolls; she loves animals.  But her baby sister has always loved dolls, is fascinated by their faces, cooing at them in the toy store from her stroller at 6 months.   I'm going to make one of Elizabeth's cloth dolls for her for Christmas, to save for reenactments.  Should be fun! My SIL mentioned that the elder has shown more interest in dolls recently and would probably like one, too. ;)  She's careful with her toys now, too.  I figured I'd make a cloth doll for her as well, but kept an eye out for a comparable-size repro china doll on ebay.  And here it is!  I've got my work cut out  for me, but I'm looking forward to it.

Title: Re: I bought a doll...
Post by: BetsyConnolly on September 06, 2016, 01:57:57 PM
Welcome to the world of dolls! I have always loved dolls. My parents bought me a reproduction china doll two Christmases ago, and I love making clothes for her and dressing her up. I also had a doll from the ESC doll pattern, though I lost her, but I'm currently making another one. She's just as much fun to dress up. I also have a penny wooden doll that needs some clothing, and then I think I'll have a full doll display.

And yes, I'm 31 years old. Some little girls never grow up  ;D

Do you have a name for your doll yet?