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Title: "blue" underthings..?
Post by: a.lehman86 on July 20, 2016, 01:33:12 PM
So, I'm working on a lovely pioneer outfit for my 4 year old for Pioneer Day (she has a 4xgreat grandmother that came over 1860/1861 at the age of 5, so that's kind of the period I'm going for), and I got all of her underthings (almost) finished, only to discover that the "white" cotton I used is, in fact, BLUE! Would this be alright, or will I have to find some actual WHITE fabric, and start all over again???

Title: Re: "blue" underthings..?
Post by: EKorsmo on July 20, 2016, 02:00:57 PM
"Alright" will depend on your interpretive goals.  I'm not aware of any blue undergarments from the period, but you have a few different options.

1) You could try using some dye remover (RIT brand is available in most grocery stores) to make the blue closer to white.  I'd be tempted to use bleach if the dye-remover is insufficient, but many people prefer not to, as bleach can compromise the integrity of the fabric.  Sun-bleaching may also be attempted, if time permits.

2) Start over with a true white material.

3) Let it be for now and use white material next time.  If it looked white while working on it, it may manage to pass for white when worn (perhaps white that suffered a laundry accident ala 'too much bluing in the rinse water'?).   

Title: Re: "blue" underthings..?
Post by: Elizabeth on July 20, 2016, 05:14:38 PM
I agree with Elizabeth: in the period, it's going to be white. White-white. So when a period style is wanted, then white is what you need.

How blue is the blue? If it's a very VERY light optical "blue" (not even approaching the depth of pale baby blue), then the Bluing Accident is a plausible tale, but it would be really rare for a woman doing wash at mid-century to have drawers come out blue, and she not trying to get them re-rinsed to remove the blue.

Title: Re: "blue" underthings..?
Post by: a.lehman86 on July 20, 2016, 09:12:50 PM
Looking at examples of laundry blueing, it does look like it could've been a little too much in the wash water... I actually didn't even notice until today when I set down her petticoat on my white tablecloth... So it's only really noticeable when next to "true" white... I need this for Saturday, and can't get anymore fabric, but next month, I will get some actual white cotton, and remake them.