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Title: Clothing a boy in 1846
Post by: Meg B on October 02, 2015, 04:48:39 PM
My oldest son is at an awkward age (6...getting too old for tunics but still seems young for adult styles). We just started volunteering at Sutter's Fort and we are starting from scratch; the fort supplied him with these from the loaner closet ( ) but I'd like to make him something more appropriate for 1846 that fits better. He's small for his age but extremely precocious and definitely doesn't want to be in "little kid stuff" anymore and I am honestly at a total loss.

Here are his stats:

Height 44"
Chest 22"
Waist 21"
Hips 21"

I'd like to make him some button fly trousers, a shirt, a vest, and a coat. (I know he could probably still do tunics but he will fight me on it, which is a shame because I have Elizabeth's fantastic pattern.)

Shirt: Is a white linen or cotton shirt appropriate for a boy his age? He tends to get absolutely filthy poking around the blacksmith's shop, and I'd rather have something I can soak and bleach if necessary rather than a printed cotton.

Which, if any, of these patterns looks most appropriate?

These are the fabrics I have available to choose from for the trousers, vest, and coat:

(Yardages, clockwise from top left: 2 yd 60" wide, ~1 yard in pieces, just over 4 yd 60" wide, and 1.5 yd 60" wide)

I think I might have enough of the brown/black checked wool for a ditto suit, but if not, can I mix these fabrics? Could I use one fabric for trousers and vest with a coordinating coat, or should the trousers and coat match? Is there anything I could use besides wool that would be appropriate AND washable?

As far as patterns for the trousers, I've found these:

I haven't found any patterns for a boy's vest or coat in his size (somewhere around a pattern size 4?), aside from the Kayfig boy's suit pattern which is almost 20 years past our target date.

Could the shirt/vest/coat pieces from her pattern set be paired with a slimmer, "older boy" trouser, or is the coat totally inappropriate for the 40s?

I'm sorry this is so long! Thanks for bearing with me!

Title: Re: Clothing a boy in 1846
Post by: Heidi Hollister on October 03, 2015, 11:09:04 PM
I have a pattern for a boy's shirt I made off of a shirt that the lovely Lissa Wilson sold me.  I can give you that pattern if you like.  It looks pretty much identical to the tucked shirt pattern there.

Lets get together and talk.  I got lots of pictures for you to look at and Workwoman's Guide is a MUST HAVE for 1840s sewing!

Title: Re: Clothing a boy in 1846
Post by: Heidi Hollister on October 03, 2015, 11:38:58 PM

Here's a start.  Look at the boy on the left.   


Title: Re: Clothing a boy in 1846
Post by: Mrs Johnson on December 04, 2015, 04:52:17 PM
i'm totally piggy-backing! 

where can one find a better copy of the workwoman's guide?  i have a really hard time reading the numbers on the plates in the google books version.

Title: Re: Clothing a boy in 1846
Post by: EKorsmo on December 04, 2015, 05:07:24 PM
Internet Archive ( also has it (may or may not be easier to read: IIRC, the Googlebooks version has the plates stuck in with the instructions, with the IA version has them all at the back).  You can also by a reprint from Abe Books ('s-guide/) or Amazon (