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Read all the way through this agreement--we keep the forum a pleasant place by insisting on these guidelines, and they're not the Pirate sort.

To register for participation in this forum, read through, then please send an email directly to:

elizabeth @

Your user name above MUST be some combination of your real names, initials, and/or honorifics. Accounts created with nonsense or hobby-only names will be deleted without approval.

In the registration email you send us, please include some brief information about yourself, and your interest in the 1840-1865 era, as well as what variant of your real first/last names (paired with an honorific if you like) we should use for your forum membership.

Without this information in an original email to the address above, your registration information *will be deleted without approval.*

By submitting a registration request, you are agreeing to:

1: Observe the niceties of civilized society, including polite discourse, not posting copyrighted things, or linking to objectionable material.

2: Stay focused on the non-military world of the mid-19th century, and share supporting information as often as possible. Documentation is expected.

3: Keep the forum free of commercial and sales messages, and refrain from using the private message system for soliciting business.


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